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Real-estate turnover is the process of readying a unit for rental after an existing tenant leaves. Turnover is one of the leading contributors to real-estate operating expenses.

SuiteSpot accelerates the real-estate turnover process in a comprehensive and systematic way. It covers move-out notices, outgoing inspections, approvals, excess wear and tear situations, work orders, material demand, scheduling, contractor management, quality control and lease-up timeframes. It provides analysis and generates real-time reports that unlock insights and opportunities for cost efficiencies.  It gives property managers complete control over the lifecycle of their real-estate turnover.

Powered by the cloud, SuiteSpot keeps accurate records of all inspection data, all communication with staff, property managers, contractors and suppliers. The solution can be configured to suit the working processes of your organization and its integrations with existing technology help expedite implementation timelines.

Some Of Our Awesome Customers

“Toronto Community Housing (TCHC), North America’s 2nd largest public housing organization  with over 58,000 units under management,  selected SuiteSpot Technology Inc. as the exclusive turnover management software platform. TCHC expects the SuiteSpot Technology solution to provide millions of dollars in savings year after year”

Reducing make-ready construction costs

Our software helps property managers predict upcoming vacancy notifications and wear and tear, and allows them to properly schedule and budget contractors, construction materials and supply inventory ahead of time. This lowers operating costs, tightens relationships with suppliers and ensures that all resources will be available on time.

SuiteSpot technology provides actionable business intelligence, giving property managers and owners a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  It provides consistent pricing and specification for all tradespeople, tighter control of material costs and budget management and reduction in inconsistencies in workmanship and materials used.

SuiteSpot ensures that staff accountability is maintained at all times, and that all roles and responsibilities are clearly spelled out and understood.

Accelerating rent readiness

SuiteSpot’s online portal provides all stakeholders with daily intelligence and information on the status of vacant units, as well as predicted vacancies and expenses. This allows them to increase their income by minimizing vacancy, removing bottlenecks and delays and ensuring that vacancy time lasts no longer than the time it takes to get the unit ready for rental.  SuiteSpot allows stakeholders to plan their budget, including insurance premiums and future cash flow, with a high level of confidence.

Mobile application for field data gathering

SuiteSpot’s complete solution for handling turnover includes a state-of-the-art mobile application for order entry, data gathering, management of work in progress, powerful scheduling with work instructions, quality checks and validations, and trade pool management.

SuiteSpot’s mobile application ensures complete, consistent and repeatable processes from start to finish. From the initial scheduling and dispatching, to navigating through the property, to collecting evidence to submitting a quote, SuiteSpot can ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently.  SuiteSpot handles it all, providing property managers, building owners and contractors with the ultimate time-saving tool.  Using its powers of analysis and prediction, the application can anticipate the findings of property inspections, providing actionable business intelligence throughout the process.

Actionable business intelligence reporting and analytics

SuiteSpot’s quantitative reporting mechanism enforces accountability and transparency throughout the entire process. Analytics and machine learning leveraging valuable historical data to predict needs before they occur. SuiteSpot is not just reporting existing data- it’s making predictions and recommendations for the future. It’s both a working tool and an advisor.