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SuiteSpot Technology provides a cloud-based service that powers the future of real-estate innovation.  It allows business owners and all stakeholders to optimize resources and execution time, control their turnover lifecycle, increase revenue and reduce costs.

SuiteSpot is designed for property managers, contractors and suppliers to support complete turnover lifecycle optimization.

Turnover is a major cost point for multi-family building owners and property managers. Today’s process is highly inefficient:

  • Long turnover times, resulting in lower vacancy rates and vacancy loss
  • High cost of make-ready renovations, thanks to a lack of standardizations and the need for manual coordination of tradespeople and suppliers
  • Lack of visibility of upcoming turnover renovation costs
  • Difficulty to chargeback tenants for excess wear and tear

Increased institutional investment in multi-family properties drives the need for greater efficiencies and standardization

Our Mission: To become the world’s leading integrated software solution provider for turnover management in the real estate sector